between old traditions and future spaces

LOKschuppen berlin


Located in the heart of berlin at warschauer straße in friedrichshain, it is well known for its friendly and diverse atmosphere.
We value diversity and inclusion, actively promoting a respectful and supportive community. With a diverse program featuring live music, DJ sets, performances and art
installations, we AIM TO create a space for creative minds from around the world. ALSO KNOWN AS Suicide Club Berlin in the past, THE CLUB opened its doors in 1994, becoming a cornerstone of Berlin‘s techno scene. Named after the influential band „Suicide,“ it hosted DJs like DJ Hell and Ellen Allien. Despite closure in 1999 due to gentrification,
it found new homes, notably at RAW-Gelände in 2009, where it continues to flourish. SINCE 2024 THE CLUB IS REBRANDED AS LOKSCHUPPEN BERLIN.

The club is known for hosting various local collectives that form the club‘s unique character and diverse crowd. From Formula 90 to Pfandidos, Devoted, and Gabber
Industries Berlin, these collectives infuse our venue with a variety of genres, ranging from groove to trance, hardtechno, hardcore, and house. we welcomed many well known technO legends such as dj rush and ellen allien, but also raising stars like brutalismus3000, mcr-t, klangkünstler and many more. since 2018, Chantal‘s House of Shame has found a new home AT Lokschuppen, well known for its legendary queer parties featuring (drag)-performances and a sex-positive atmosphere.